Are there risks with the Bitcoin Code?

Price jumps 2,000 percent? Huge potential? The hype surrounding digital currencies also has Handelsblatt editor Astrid Doerner packed. But how do you actually buying bitcoin codes and ether? And where lurk the risks?

I admit, I’m intoxicated.

I admit that this is not a rational decision. I’m in the noise of digital money. It’s just too tempting. I had bought seven years ago for $ 100 bitcoin codes, they were worth 72.9 million US dollars today. 72,900,000! Since it can not even on the shares of Warren Buffett ’s Berkshire Hathaway keep up. And I would have bought in January for $ 100 ether, I could have exchanged for 2,375 US dollars today. It’s crazy.

About 700 so-called crypto-currencies available today. bitcoin code is the best known, ethers, the new rising star in the world of digital money. What drives the prices, I do not know. Also do not like the one with the crypto-currencies and the underlying Bitcoin Code review block chain technology works exactly. I do not care. I imagine a simple question. What would annoy me more: to enter and possibly losing money or not to enter and watch as other people may be very fast very rich. I want to get in, bitcoin code and ether buy – in manageable sums, of course. Yet such a way that it is worthwhile if the courses should to thousands of percent shooting upward again.

But the entry into the world of crypto currencies requires persistence, patience, and a lot of research. And instead of richer returns there in the first days equal fat loss. A report in four phases.

Phase one: Error

Where you actually buy bitcoin codes? I ask a friend from the United States. He sends me to Coinbase. This is the world’s largest trading platform for crypto currencies. Size is a good argument. I vaguely remember that bitcoin code exchanges have already gone bust. Why not start with the market leader? But already equal to the first damper: „Error 520. Web Server is returning to unknown error“, it says. Also on Twitter, customers complain that they can „again“ unable check their business site to access their account, because the site is down. Perhaps another stock exchange?

New day New luck. bitcoin works. I register. What is written there? Anyone who has an account with the bank Fidor can buy bitcoin codes within minutes. I have not. Fidor bank? That also means nothing to me. And now to open an extra checking account just so I can have on another account bitcoin codes? I just wanted to quickly buy some bitcoin codes … There is also another way. But the demands – of course – a little more patience. bitcoin verified my bank account where I will transfer 9.90 euros. This only takes a few minutes.

Now it can start. The marketplace looks frumpy. I can only buy those amounts that provide the seller straight, or a minimum amount thereof to the seller also specifies. There would, for example, 0.3 bitcoin codes for 659 euros or 8 bitcoin codes for 17,395 euros. I select an offer. But then again a hook. „This bitcoin codes can only be purchased through the Express Trade“ it is suddenly called. And „Create now your free FIDOR bank account and experience bitcoin code trading in real time.“



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Crap. I click on other offers. „The desired item is no longer available.“ This happened three times. Frustration is spreading. Normally I would give up now. But this is not normal. In recent days, the bitcoin code price has first cracked the 2,000 euro mark and then gained several hundred euros. Since I can not stand by. So on we go.

Finally a deal. 0.2 bitcoin code at a price of 553.48 euros. That seems to me a lot. Extrapolated to a bitcoin code would be the .. 2,740 euros should I? Should not I? Never mind. I buy. By bank transfer I will send the money to the seller. Within an hour I have confirmed once again separate the purchase. And then it says, wait again. For it is only when the seller confirms the receipt of the money, bitcoin code come to my account at bitcoin

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